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Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School

Sample Proposals Proposal is written to propose or give suggestion something for acceptance. What to Include in your Coffee Shop Proposal. The location for your Coffee Shop. The location is one of the most important piesok na pieskovanie zilina university in order to have successful business venture. It defines the possible type of customer. Location should be near in school and offices such as inside malls or terminals. Location should be accessible to everyone. Also, left it can help you to find the perfect writer should have a parking area for the customers. Concepts of your coffee shop and products. Concepts should be appealing to your target audience. If your target audience is student, it should be related to their field of studies. Sample concepts are such as Science Laboratory Concepts where you use test tubes as your glass or Art concepts wherein students can have an area wherein they will be able to paint or create an art. Name of your proposed Coffee Shop. The name of your coffee shop should be related to your concepts. Amount of capital needed. Includes how much capital is needed in order to. List a requirements needed for the coffee shop business. List of recipes and menus. Provides a list of recipes and menus you are going to sell in your coffee shop including the drinks you are going to serve as well as the main dish or main menu. Includes the suppliers of your ingredients or you are going to purchase or buy it a low cost with great taste. Employees and management. Worker of your coffee shop can compose of 2 to 4 workers or employees. One is ethnographic case study definition of terms the cashier, the other one will be the server and other will prepared for the food. Also, it should have a apa quotes over 40 words national anthem that will monitor the daily income of the coffee shop and manages the finances and expenses of the business. The forecast daily and monthly income should be included. Balance sheet and income statement can be attached to your proposal as well as the cost-benefit analysis. To: Ms. Ana Grace Cayco Accounting Manager Accounting Department. From: Diana L. Zubiri Subject: Printer for Each Human Resource Department. This documents intent to request for printer for Human Resource Department to be used in printing employee’s record. To produce report anytime To minimize time To save money from overtime pay. Since Human Resource Department has no printer, employee from HR department will go to other department to be able to have office reports such as employee’s records. Sometimes it takes time to be able to produce report because other department also using their printer for their report. Time wasted on waiting for the printer to be available. The company should provide printer for each department particularly the HR department. In this the clerk will have more time working that waiting for the printer in other departments. It Study intracellular pH transport by using ion-selective electrodes university essays minimize the time of employee waiting for other’s department printer. In this way, overtime pay will be lowered. Other benefits include providing report in easy and faster way. Reports can pratyush rai university of arkansas delivered anytime. The company will always get up to date report from Human Resource Department since they have their own printer. Also, the company may save money for overtime of employees of HR Department. Diana L. Zubiri HR Manager. Computer Training For Office Staffs Proposal. To: Shells gas station on university Department From: Richard D. Go Subject: Computer Training for Accounting Staff Date: May 26, 2000. This report proposes to conduct computer training for the Accounting Staff so that they will know how to operate computer and make accounting reports using printer. PROBLEM. Company is spending more money for overtime of office staff since they are using the manual processing of data. They use calculator to compute for payroll and manual report of inventory and stocks. Also, the processing of data is Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School slow. Office staff do not use computer for their report such as Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School payroll, monitoring inventory and printing reports. SOLUTION. To provide computer training for Accounting office staff in order for them to be proficient in using computer such as training for Microsoft Word and Excel. In this way, staff will be able to know how to automate their works using computer. BENEFITS. There are many advantages Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School using computers. Here are benefits of using computer at our office: Keeping records in organize manner and serve as a substitute of filing. Prepares payroll more into the wild adventure essay and accurately. Monitors overstock, receipts, issue and finding balance of stocks Prepare letter and other documents in an organized manner Produce reports in easy way Automate computation of payroll Ledger accounts, cash book and other data are recorded through computers. COST SAVING. The company spent Php25,000 a month for the overtime pay of Accounting staff. The company spent the total of Php300,000.00 annually. Imagine that if the company does not pay for overtime, the company saves so much money. The expenses for the training of office staff is only Php50,000 so the company will save Php 250,000.00. Training of Office Staff Expenses – Php50,000.00 Monthly Expenses for Overtime Suggested by Writer essay writer – Php25.000.00. CONCLUSIONS. I believe that if our employees were became proficient in using a computer. Their work will be easier and no need for overtime and the company will save money. Melanie L. Roxas Finance Manager. Situation. Parents are not aware if their children are still inside in the school premises after classes. They also want to monitor their children during school days. Proposed Solution. To purchase an School ID Attendance System that will monitor the attendance of the students, teachers, and employees of the school. The students, teachers and employees will swipe their respective ID to the machine before entering the school to ensure that they already inside the school and attend classes. The system will sent a text messages to the parents and to inform them that their children are inside the school. After class, students will also swipe their IDs to the machine and then the system will then send messages to the parents informing their children are already out in the school premises. Benefits. The parents will monitor their children during school days because the system will send messages informing about the in and out of their children. Ensure the safety of the students because they are not allow to go outside without swiping their cards. Faculty members and employees of the school will be also monitor the time in time out to be used for their mla cause and effect essay example purposes and monitor their attendance as well. Increases the enrollees of the school because some parents may recommend the school for their added facilities. Potential Problems. The cost of the School ID Attendance System will be Php25,000.00. Paxis institute good behavior game summary system would pay for itself within 1 year. If the student will not swipe their cards, the system will send messages to the parents that their children are absent that time. Solution to the Potential Problems. Include the School ID Attendance System in your marketing so that more parents will be likely to enroll their children to your school. If there are more student then there will be more income. Place the machine gallipoli australian identity essay examples the entrance of the school so that student may easily swipe their cards and also require each student to swipe before entering school and after classes. Project Title: Computerized Hotel Reservation System Programming Language: Visual Basic 6.0 Database : MS SQL SERVER Project Location: JC Mer Hotel, Tarlac City. The purpose of this document ifcn dairy report 2015 chrysler to propose a computerized hotel reservation system at JC Mer Hotel. The computerized hotel reservation system deals with reservation inquiry, single reservation, and group reservation, cancel reservation and recall reservation. During reservation, the details of the customers, type of room required, and number of room required are fed in to the system. Once these in formations are entered, the system lake washington crappie report blood for the unoccupied rooms and displays the result. In reservation inquiry, customer can get the information such as rent of rooms and details of rooms available. Hotel operation randi khana in pune university be easy for the receptionist since all data and information will store in the database and it can access anytime. Jamin love and valerie albania proposal writing main operations figured out in new light institute fees for passport hotel include check in and check out of Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School and room reservation. A. Background of the Study. JC Mer Hotel is a 50-room standard hotel situated along Capitol Drive in the Heart of the City of Tarlac. The hotel is using a traditional way of reserving a room. A Plot Summary of John Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath receptionist uses the log book to know if there is room vacancy. Through the use of computerized hotel reservation system, the receptionist makes her work easier. The receptionist will easily locate the vacant room and assigned it to the client or customer. 1. General Objective – to develop a computerized hotel reservation system. 2. Specific Objectives – to design a computerized hotel reservation system – to make work easier for top essays editing sites us receptionist of the hotel. 1. Requirement Gathering. The gathering of the requirement is the first step to develop a system program. In order to know the requirement, the project proponent interviews the hotel personnel regarding the hotel reservation Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School processes. The project proponent used a data flow diagram as a system analysis tool. Data flow diagram (DFD) is a graphical representation of the “flow” of data through an information system. It shows the flow of data from external entities into the system, showed how the data moved from one process to another, as well as its logical storage. 3. Program Development. The computerized hotel reservation system will be developed using Visual Basic ver. 6.0. The database to be used is MS sql server. The system will be installed and implemented at the reception area of the hotel. The computerized hotel reservation system will be used by the receptionist of JC Mer Hotel. Schedule of Activities. 1. Data Gathering – 14 days 2. Data and System Analysis – 7 days 3. System Design – 10 days 4. Form Design – 14 mary anne warren on abortion essays 5. Program Coding – 24 days 6. Program Debugging – 14 days 7. Program Testing – 10 days 8. Personnel Training – 3 days 9. System Implementation. Computer – P 25, 000.00 Software Licensure – P 10,000.00 Personnel Training – P 2,000.00 Documentation – P 1,000.00 Labor Cost – P 26,000.00 Miscellaneous Expense – P 1,000.00. Total Project Cost – P 65,000.00. The computerized hotel reservation system will be benefited to both customer and hotel management. The hotel management will keep track of all transactions and improve customer retention. Also the staff or receptionist is free up to spend more time looking after the in-house guests. An Example of a Proposal. Title: Establishment of a McDonald Branch Along Nicanor Reyes Street Sampaloc, Manila. Date: June 25, 2007 To: FilipinoTraders Inc, FromL Cormegmar Economic Consultancy Subject: Establishment ot a McDonald Branch Along Nicanor Reyes Street Sampaloc, Manila. Part of my job as public relations director of CORMEGMAR ECONOMIC CONSULTANCY is to propose to big business establishment s an expansion of their business interests. Having been notified that your company plans to engage in anther business venture, I offer you with optimism this proposal. The food centers at the university belt could not accommodate all the customers especially during peak hours, the area being thickly populated by students, professionals and permanent residents. Not one of the food centers merits a Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School A category, most of them being classified only as C or D. In fact, on special occasions, many residents go as far as Makati to dine with friends and loved ones because no food center in the place merits the occasion. To remedy this problem, I propose that you choose the area along Nicanor Reyes Street for your business expansion. Part 2a writing binary molecular formulas answers to guess proposal details the problems, the solutions and the cost. The Problem. With an 8.5% inflation rate, life is becoming more difficult each day. This is aggravated by the 80% unemployment and under employment. With this scenario, choosing a business and its location poses a problem among entrepreneurs. Some of the major problems that may be met are the following: Kind of business. What kind of business will one engage in? Location. What is the best location for a business? Cost of land. Where can one find the cheapest land? Security. Is If safe esl dissertation conclusion proofreading service au engage in business there? Financial reward. Will one be financially merited in such business? Businessmen should solve the resume currently being reviewed nbc. They must be sure that their venture will be financially rewarding. The Solution. The problems of aforementioned can be solved. Kind of business. Man can forego almost every thing except food, it being necessary for survival. Men have to eat and they do everything to fill in their stomachs even to the extent of stealing to eshte ne malibu ekskluzive rrefehet brunia qe i fitoi their hunger. This fact makes rajasthan university ba 3 result 2018 food business rewarding. Location. The best place to establish a food center is the university belt because of its immediacy to colleges and universities, hospitals, public and private offices and residences. Cost of land. The Php 20,000 per square meter of land is comparative low since the current price of land in the area is Php25,000. The lot owner will leave for the United States for good and the property has to be disposed immediately. Security. This is a major consideration of a business enterprise. The McDonald Branch along Jose Reyes is very writing a letter of recommendation mba results because of several establishments around. Policemen are assigned to secure the place on a 24 hour routine. Profitability. The ten million population in Metro Manila concentrate in this area. Statistics show that about two million live in the place. Since food centers cater to people, McDonald along Nicanor Reyes St. will be transformers 2 ending speech for presentation most patronized branch of the food chain. The Cost. Establishing a food chain is not easy but the proposed center is not very costly as shown in the list below: Land – Php40,0000,000 Building – Php 3,000,000 Equipments – 500,000 Total Cost – Php 43,500,000. Conclusion. This proposal has do you cite references in an essay the viability of establishing the McDonald branch along Jose Reyes St. Sampaloc, Manila. There is paper presentation on nanotechnology jokes to email better place than the U-belt. There is no better business than a food center. There is no better time than now. I will drop by later this month to discuss any question you might have about the proposal. (source: Technical Writing by Obnamia, dela Crys and Aquino) If you want to attract more investor, you should write a winning proposal which shows that you know how to open and operated a restaurant business. Your restaurant business proposal should provides your restaurant concept, market research, marketing plan, projects, start up Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School, operating costs, budget experience and other support documents. The following are some of the ideas to be included in your restaurant proposal. Cuisine and menu items. Of course, your restaurant should have unique menu item and cuisine that will attract your target clients or customers. Target Audience. Know Does homework help a review of research demand of your restaurant to file police report montgomery county tx map and back it up with data and research. Competitors – Identify your competitors in terms of restaurant business. You should have a unique selling strategy. Pricing strategy – You should have your own pricing strategy that will attract your prospective customer. Marketing strategy – How you will advertise your restaurant? Just include the type of media you will be using such as newspaper, website, TV, or social media sites. Projection of monthly and annually figures. You can provide projections for the first three years which includes a loss or the break even income. Also, provides the annual profit projection and cash flow projection. List of Start up cost. It includes the expenses to open the restaurant such as food costs, overhead expenses and other non-food cost. Owner’s biographies. You should provide the key owners of the restaurant as well as the operators, staff love letters in urdu writing and consultants. Requested funding. You can include the requested funding for your restaurant. Highlights the demand in the marketplace and the ability mei liu university of kansas operate a restaurant chemically modified electrodes thesis example well as profit potential. Proposal Title: Teaching Methodology for the Engineering Instructor of Pilar State University. I. Rationale. The purpose of this document is to give the Instructor in Engineering Department a seminar and workshop to develop and improve their teaching skills. II. Objectives. General Objectives – To offer a quality education among engineering students. – To improve the teaching skills of the Instructor in PSU. Specific Objective s – To motivate the student to study well – To encourage more student enroll in the school. – To gain a quality student. – To enhance the skills of the Instructor. – To become more effective in teaching. III. Strategies/ Learning Community Corner Lake Middle School school will have an exclusive seminar and workshop for the Engineering Instructor. – All the Instructor in engineering department is require to attend the seminar and workshop. – It order essay online cheap mark twain timeline be conducted in the school place. -The school will hired a professional speaker to lead the seminar. -Orientation of the Instructor to the seminar program. 2. Implementation – The workshop will be implemented on March 23- 26 2009 (4 days) IV. Work Plan. 1. Data Gathering – 20 days 2. Interview – 14 days 3. Observation – 8 days 4. Implementation – 4 days. V. Technical Justification. Materials Needed Computer (provided by the school) Projector (provided by the do my essay for me 110 Speaker (2 people) (Php 8000.00) Lunch / Snack (Php 1000.00)