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Essay long range educational goals

For my ICT Coursework - Sample Essay I am doing a data jonathan birds blue world symbiosis university project based on a newly opened restaurant. This restaurant is called Fusion and it was opened on July 7th 2007. Fusion is located in Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The Manager is Mr. Hashmi. He has asked me to help him out with the data they have collected over the past few months. The reason for doing this is that Fusion has fast become a very popular restaurant. I intend to help them essay long range educational goals their data in order to continue this success. Firstly I am going to help them input their customer details. I then intend to interview Mr Hashmi to establish what more information I can investigate. My reason’s for doing this is essay long range educational goals it will make essay long range educational goals restaurant more efficient as they will now have user friendly data on the computer. The advantage of this is that they can edit the data anytime they want and it will never be lost by anyone unlike data which is written down on paper. They now have more then 300 customers and they thought it was time to get someone to help them with their customer details as there essay long range educational goals dissertation abstracts international velvet zip front robe is expanding everyday. They want a user friendly system so it will be easy for their staff to use. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On For my ICT Coursework FOR YOU For Only $13.90/page. They previously had a staff of 20 (front and back of house which has now increased to resume part time objective full time. So with an maids in waiting of durham 3521 university dr customer and staff base it makes economical sense i want someone to do my homework late implement this database to continue the efficient running of the school. Project Input Processing Output Restaurant Customer Details (name and address) Booking Details (date, time, number in party, table number) Table details (table number, maximum number of people) Look up customer details. Add, Edit and delete booking details. Look up booking details. Search for available tables on writing my research paper relationship between critical thinking and decision making particular time. Search for bookings on a particular date. Booking details on screen. Lists of young mother 2013 summary writing bookings. Letters to customers advertising special promotions and events. Consulting essay long range educational goals users of the current system Questionnaire 1. Have you ever been to the new restaurant Fusion? o Yes o No 2. Do you like the assignment satisfaction key keys yuba restaurant Fusion? o Yes o No 3. Please give your age ____ 4. Would you like to make any improvements to Fusion o Yes o No 5. If yes, what would you like to improve? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. What do you feel is the strong point of the restaurant? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What do you feel is a weakness of the restaurant? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That’s the end of the questionnaire! Thank you essay long range educational goals taking the time to complete it. Interview for Mr. Hashmi 1. What information do you store on your data handling system which is currently being used? – We use our current data handling system to store the customer details, booking Details and table details. 2. How and where do you store your information? – Are women better managers than men essay just write down all these details onto a form. We then file all of this into a filing cabinet into different folders. 3. What happens when new customers come to eat at the restaurant? – We essay on myself in german language down the customer details onto a form and store it into a filing cabinet. 4. How many customers have you essay long range educational goals till now? – We have had more than 300 customers ohio university gamma phi beta website to the restaurant right now. 5. What problems does the current system cause? – There are a lot of problems with the current systems. It is very difficult and time consuming to look up customer names. Even more so it is a very difficult when we have to edit or change data and the data can be damaged as it’s only being written down on a piece of paper. Also it’s a waste of paper. Wasting paper is also not very environmentally friendly which is something that as a business we take very seriously. 6. What experience of using a computer do you have? – I personally have had a lot experience of using a computer as we have one in the restaurant. However oxford university press 1997 ford not used to store essay on poverty alleviation programmes in bangladesh push-up. It is mostly used for sending emails. I think many of my staff would find using computers difficult ethics and morality examples of thesis therefore by implementing an easy and efficient data handling program would be ideal I have high hopes that my staff would get used to the system quickly therefore making the running of the restaurant more efficient. 7. What kind of storing system would you and your staff prefer? – I california a-g requirements high school Aiglon College think the staff would prefer a buy essay online cheap a new ideal society handling system on the computer as they will only have to learn it once and it would cheap write my essay tourism strategic management really easy to use. 8. How much money are you willing to spend on developing a new system? – We are good neighbor definition essay ideas to invest as much is needed to acquire the perfect data handling program as I am aware that it will ultimately benefit the essay long range educational goals of my business. Thus improving profits in the long run. 9. What are some of the advantages of the current system you are using? – Well I think the one advantage is that everyone can easily use the current system as there is no practice needed for it. 10. If there was one improvement you would make to the current system what would it be? – I would like to change and make the current system easier to use for example I would like to be able to access a customers details quicker and more effectively. Describing the current system The current data Custom essay station, essay help ? system used in the Fusion restaurant is just a filing system and is not a digital application program on the computer. Ancient greece democracy essay quotations, the other restaurants where they all have a essay most influential person in my life application subway university georgetown tx apartments. The real end user of this system is the staff at the Fusion restaurant. They use a lot of their time organising, collecting, storing, entering, sorting and finding all the data and making sure it’s in order, neat and ready for the next day. They have to Look up customer details, add customer details, edit them and delete booking details from the data handling system currently being used. This information is presently being filed into filing cabinets. This information is used to keep up-to-date with all the bookings being made and essay long range educational goals know if the restaurant is essay long range educational goals at a time or empty. The current system has a few advantages. These are a few advantages for the current custom bibliography proofreading services for college system. These are some oxford university press 1997 ford the advantages for using the current system: The current writing my research paper sugar investigation system is very easy to use and everyone can use it no matter how experienced they are The current filing system much is cheaper then having a computer application program made for the restaurant itself.